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The Marina

Sintonia Marina is a new private marina that owns a renovated concept of hospitality. 

You will be surrounded by a natural park, and coming back after a long day at sea will only be a further emotion.

The marina can host more than 400 boats and the services we offer include: 

  • Safe and staff-assisted mooring

  • Nighttime surveillance

  • Modern posts to benefit from electricity and water

  • Automatic emptying system for bilge pumping

  • Waste withdrawal

  • Assistance

  • Direct payment of the Stabling Fee "Maddalena Archipelago"

  • Toilets

  • Service-desk for info and services

Get to know more about the Marina by browsing in our website





It's a service that will allow you to receive what you wish to eat and drink from Sintonia Restaurant's menu, directly on your boats. Our staff will bring you a well-packed meal on board.


Food on


the Sea

It's possible to receive amazing meals even on water thanks to this new service. To enjoy it, it's possible to call our Food on the Sea boat operator's phone number; otherwise, on demand, you can receive the menu directly on your personal e-mail. To get to know more, contact us.



This service, only available to those that barth near the Maddalena Archipelago, allows our customers to join us at the Sintonia restaurant for lunch from 12.00 PM to 15.00 PM. Our clients will be taken from their boats by our Sea Chaffeur and brought directly in the restaurant. After lunch, they will be taken back to their boats.

Food on the sea
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